How to Apologize to Your Wife or Husband

couple on coach apologizing saying I'm sorry

As husbands, as soon as our wives start to tell us anything that we think we might be in trouble for, we often start saying I’m sorry, even before hearing what we need to apologize about specifically. I know I do this. After I start making the rapid fight-or-flight utterance, Amy has asked me, “What are you sorry for?” I stand there looking at her like a Spelling Bee contestant who just got the word he didn’t know how to … Read More

The Same Corner Concept for Marriage: A Game Changer

Same Corner Marriage Concept

Repeat after me….. 1. My spouse and I are in the same corner. We are on the same team.2. My spouse is never my enemy. My spouse is never my opponent. In marriage, you are teammates doing life together. But it’s easy to forget this and instead make our spouse the opponent. Improve your marriage with these practical tips to maintain a same-corner mentality. Marriage as a Boxing Ring Picture a boxing ring or UFC Octagon. Now picture you and … Read More

How to Stop Fighting About Money in Your Marriage

How to Stop Fighting About Money in Your Marriage

Money. It makes the world go ‘round. It is also a source of arguments and fights in marriage. In fact, a recent survey revealed 61% of couples fight over finances or money issues. Sixteen percent broke up as a result. And 80% of spouses spent money secretly (source). Fear is Often at the Root As we say frequently at The Marriage Meeting, anger is often an emotional mask for fear. When married couples fight over money, it is often due to … Read More

How Ascribing Intent or Motive Hurts Our Marriage

The Marriage Meeting Guide Book

We’ve all done it. We’ve looked at our spouse and thought, “I know exactly why he/she did that.” As humans, we seek the meaning behind actions so we are often quick to ascribe motive or intent to an action someone takes. The problem is we cannot be very certain about a person’s intentions or motives, for the simple reason you and I cannot see into the human heart. That is something reserved only for the Creator. But the LORD said … Read More