Husbands, To Gain Respect From Our Wives We Must Go First

Gain Respect from Your Wife

Jump Straight to the Respect Questions Husbands most desire respect as a show of love from their spouse. Researcher Shaunti Feldhahn found that for wives, their highest need is to feel cherished and loved. In contrast, the highest felt need for a husband is to feel his wife’s respect as displayed as trust, honor, and admiration. If you’ve felt the sting of being criticized in public or had your decisions constantly questioned by your bride, you know you didn’t like … Read More

Seasons in Marriage and Life – More Marriage Meeting Questions To Ask

The Marriage Meeting Guide Book

Jump Straight to the Seasons Questions About Seasons Last night in our weekly marriage meeting I, Jordan, was talking about some stress I am feeling in providing financially as it relates to my business and work. This of course was related to Question #4 in The Marriage Meeting Guide. Next year we’ll have four, yes FOUR, kids in college. That stresses me out some if I am being completely transparent. Amy reminded me that this is just a season. That … Read More