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About Seasons

Last night in our weekly marriage meeting I, Jordan, was talking about some stress I am feeling in providing financially as it relates to my business and work. This of course was related to Question #4 in The Marriage Meeting Guide.

Next year we’ll have four, yes FOUR, kids in college. That stresses me out some if I am being completely transparent.

Amy reminded me that this is just a season. That was such a good reminder. I have a tendency, like many of us, to turn what is truly only a season into an eternity. We were able to talk about what this season will look like but also the season after we get these kids through college.

This is why having and listening to your spouse is so important. She was such an encouragement to me. Typically, one spouse can have a slightly more positive-framed outlook on the current or future season. The other is often what I’ll nicely call “the realist.” (Notice the quotes!) But sometimes the realist gets a bit myopic on the current season only.

When you are stressed about something related to work or finances or whatever, share that with your spouse in the weekly meeting. Often, they’ll be able to remind you to hang tight and trust God for it’s just a season.


Follow Up Questions for Your Meeting

Here are some good follow up questions to ask in your marriage meeting about seasons.

  • Is this just a season, or is this a new permanent reality we are going to need to adjust to?
  • How long will this season last?
  • What are some positives about this season?
  • What are the challenges and fears you have about this season?
  • How are we going to be able to see and experience God in a unique way during this season?
  • What has God promised us that applies to this season? (Share some Bible verses)
  • How can we help one another as spouses during this season? What do you need from me?
  • What do you think or hope life will look like after this season?

We hope these questions help increase you being able to “into-me-see” with your spouse, for increased intimacy, fewer arguments, and deeper connection through your Marriage Meeting. 

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