The Marriage Meeting Guide

What if a 30-minute weekly meeting could transform your marriage? It can with this simple guide!

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Grow Your Marriage
More Intimacy & Fewer Arguments


Most of us want to grow our marriages, but we don't know a practical way to go about it.

The Marriage Meeting Guide provides you with 10 simple-but-profound questions that provide the framework for an easy-to-start 30-minute weekly conversation that will transform your marriage. 

Through the Marriage Meeting process you will:

  • feel closer to one another.
  • truly understand your spouse's heart. 
  • have fewer arguments and fights.
  • be on the same page about core issues. 
  • talk to one another without being defensive.
  • reduce hidden resentments and deal with issues before they explode. 
  • experience improved physical intimacy. 
  • and much more!

My husband was hesitant to begin this weekly meeting, but now he says he wouldn't miss it. It's changed our marriage.

Savannah h. 

Our Story

 Before Amy and I got married, we received some sound counsel from a wise friend, and what a difference it has made!

Amy as an elementary school counselor is an extrovert. She is very accustomed to discussing challenges and feelings. I, Jordan, am a processing introvert. The natural place for me to sweep feelings and challenges is under the rug, to avoid having to face and deal with them.

Our friend noted that if I, as her introverted husband, didn't take the lead in addressing our relationship, Amy might become resentful in the absence of such leadership.

Your marriage may be inversed where the husband is the extrovert, and the wife is the introvert. Or perhaps, you are both extroverts and love to see the sparks fly, or you are two introverts, and remove yourselves to your respective caves.


Does it Work?

During our years of marriage, Amy and I have had two minor arguments. Why? Simply, because we are so saintly? Hardly. Left to our own devices there would be many more fights. (And life has definitely thrown us our share of challenges.) It’s largely a result of the communication skills we have learned and continue to practice during our weekly meetings that help guide our discussions throughout the week. We are able to voice things in ways we are heard, so that emotions and reactions don’t escalate.

If you were to ask us to rate our marriage on a scale of 1 to 10, both of us would answer 9.9 because, yes, there is always room for growth.

As an outcome of the communication and intimacy fostered through the meeting, it is easy for us to both claim one another as our best friend—Amy thinking I am the best possible husband and me thinking she is the best possible wife!

Regardless of where you are in your marriage, this guide will help you strengthen it.

Those Who Will Benefit

  • If you have a good marriage and want to make it better.
  • If you feel like you and your spouse do not communicate about the most important things.
  • If you want to lessen fighting and arguments in your marriage.
  • If you feel like your marriage is stuck on cruise control and not growing.
  • If you feel distant at times from your spouse, like two ships passing in the night.
  • If you are engaged and want to start your marriage healthier than most.